More than just the best value recording mixing & mastering studios.

Audiosapien Recording Studios were designed & built for the sole purpose of providing high quality recording, mixing & mastering services, at prices working musicians can afford. To do this we needed to make sure that the studio facility had everything required for commercial production, without having to carry inflated setup & ongoing overhead costs. It also had to be an easily accessible, creative environment with great acoustics & quality equipment.

By choosing our location very carefully, designing & constucting the entire facility ourselves, we’ve managed to do all of this, plus a whole lot more.

Our recording studio facilities.

The recording studio features a generous live tracking room, vocal isolation room, second amp / vocal isolation room & comfortable control room. All tracking areas have been designed & constructed to provide variable acoustics, great isolation & extensive inter-room patching & monitoring.

There are also kitchen & bathroom facilities, plus we can arrange catering & accommodation for extended EP or Album projects if required.

Recording Engineer / Producer, Tom Fodor

"I’m working with people to help them create something that represents who they are, so it has to be genuine. If you can’t emerse yourself in the music & enjoy the company of other creatve people, you’re probably doing it for the wrong reasons.  Having performed, recorded & produced almost every genre of music over the last 25 years, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ll be doing this untill the day I die. Hopefully I'll leave a positive stain on the planet, & maybe even inspire a few people to do something amazing." 

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