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uality photography for Bands & Artists.

At Audiosapien Recording Studios we know how important your image can be in the music industry. You can't just sound good, you have to look good too, & with social media playing such a huge roll in every performers marketing arsenal,  you can't afford to cut corners with your visual content.

Our photographic service is a great way to get a professional looking portfollio together to promote yourself or band to venues, labels or directly to your fan base & potential listeners. Not only can we take great shots of you or your band, we are also able to provide you with industry leading makeup artists, costume & wardrobe designers, custom props, sets, and location backdrops for virtually any situation.

Complete digital photography packages for bands & solo artists on a



Packages start from just $195.00 for our in house Soloist portfolio session. (3 hour session + processing time)

Our in house Band portfolio session comes in at just $260.00. (4 hour session + processing time)

Both packages are studio photo shoots with the option of colour or virtual backdrops being added via chromakey (Green/Blue Screening). Final images are supplied in high resolution digital formats so that you can get photographic reprints done whenever you need them. We can also intergrate your Logo's & branding into your images at no extra cost.

All packages includes a one hour pre-shoot consultation, during which scenes, backdrops, props, wardrobe & other planning takes place.

Location photography


Need to take the show on the road, we can put together a tailored on location photographic solution for your live show, album cover art or promotional material that looks fantastic but won't send you broke. Careful planning & preparation are critical to getting the very best out of your location shoot. From remote lighting & camera gear to obtaining permits & anything unexpected that might crop up, we have you covered.